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General Information

FSA in conjunction with Residential Life and Services operates Laundry rooms in the basements of the 3 residence halls located at;

440 Lenox Rd.
811 New York Ave and
825 New York Ave.

FSA's Green Initiatives in Laundry : All Washing machines have water-saving and high energy efficiency ratings. Approximately 85-90% of the energy used by a washing machine is consumed through heating the water. Unless you are washing particularly greasy and filthy clothes, hot water is not needed; cold water works just fine. Electrical or gas savings in dryers because of the amount of energy and water consume. Faster drying times: Because of the horizontal axis and faster spin speeds, more water is removed and your clothes will dry faster in the dryer, acheiving more energy efficiency. Check out Laundryview too - helps eliminate wasted elevator trips to the basement!


Method of payment

Use your Downstatecard and receive a discount of 25 cents off the cost of washing and drying at all laundry locations. If you prefer to use cash, change machines have been placed at each location for your convenience.  Please note that discounts are not offered on cash transactions.

Reporting a problem

To report any problem or malfunction with any of the campus laundry machines please call the problem reporting hotline (automated voice mail) at Extension 2900 (270-2900) or EMail us .  Kindly specify your name, telephone number, location and number of machine, briefly explaining the malfunction you have experienced. Refunds can be claimed at the FSA Business Office, Room 203 in the Student Center at 395 Lenox Rd.

Web laundry access Makes Your Life Simpler ... No more wasted trips to the basement only to find no machines available, AND Get an Alert when your machine is finished !

Laundry View makes it possible to view all laundry room and machine activity via the web.  Through the web portal- LaundryView™ provided by Mac-Gray Services Inc., you can now monitor machine usage before you schedule that trip to the laundry room.  Don’t want to hang around and supervise the wash? Then sign up for laundryview alerts and receive notices when your wash is completed on your cell phone, pda or via email.Just visit the following link, select a room, click on the “need a machine?” tab, then follow the simple sign-up instructions.