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Finance Division



Welcome to the Downstate Finance Division website! The site is a work in progress, so please feel free to browse through the pages and give us feed back on your experience.

The availability of business information on the Internet moves customer service to a higher standard, therefore the goal of the Finance website is to communicate with our customers in order to provide better services. The website contains general information about the Finance Division at Downstate Medical Center and contact information for the Finance departments. We will eventually include all applicable policies, procedures and forms in order to streamline the work process and improve efficiency. We have also established a special email address to receive any comments, suggestions or concerns about our services.

The website will be updated regularly to include financial and budgetary announcements that are of interest to the Downstate community. There will be links directing you to finance-related sites in State and City government as well as other relevant sites.

I am pleased to share this site and the many possibilities it offers us to improve communication at Downstate.

Chief Financial Officer