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Finance Division




Financial Review - Personnel Commitments

Funds Transfer Request Form



Certificate of Nonresidence and Allocation of Withholding Tax (IT-2104.1)

Direct Deposit Form for NYS Employees (AC2772)

Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate (IT-2104)

Municipal Credit Union Deduction Authorization

Payroll Authorization Form

Payroll Authorization To Mail Checks

Payroll Data Update Form for Student Assistant & College Workstudy

Prior Year Social Security and Medicare Tax Refund Certification

Property Tracking Form

Report of Overtime Meal Allowance

Request for Duplicate W-2

Supervisor's Report of Overtime

W-4 Form


TIME AND ATTENDANCE (many employee time sheets are now processed using online SUNY Time and Attendance System- training link)

Bi-Weekly Attendance & Leave Accrual Report - Classified Service

Bi-Weekly NTP Report of On-Call Recall Services

Bi-Weekly Oncall-Recall Report-Nursing

College Work Study Timesheet

Monthly Faculty & NTP Individual Report of Attendance (revised to include DRL sections)

Instructions - Monthly Faculty & NTP Individual Report of Attendance

Hourly Faculty and Individual Report of Time and Attendance

Report of Overtime Meal Allowance

Student Assistant Timesheet

T&A Action Form


PROPERTY CONTROL FORMS (link to Property Control Forms Webpage)


PURCHASING (link to Procurement Forms webpage)

Purchase Requisition (State)

Purchase Requisition Continuation Form (State)

Department of Taxation and Finance - Tax Exemption Letter (purchases)



Employee Travel Approval Request

Department of Taxation and Finance - Exemption Certificate (hotel rooms)

Employee Report of Travel Expenses and Claim for Payment (formerly Travel Voucher) (AC132-S)

       Statement of Incidental and Transportation Expenses (AC3259-S)
       Statement of Meals Claimed (AC3258-S)
       Statement of Automobile Travel  (AC160-S)

Claim for Travel Reimbursement by a Non-Employee (AC3257-S)



Standard Voucher (for honoraria and employee non-travel reimbursements) (AC92)

Request/Agreement for Moving Expense Reimbursement (AC1099-S)