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Research and Projects

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A dynamic behavioral science curriculum is integrated throughout the three-year residency experience in a variety of ways. A half time social worker and half time psychiatrist are accessible and available for immediate consultations and patient co-counseling. These behavioral scientists coordinate core curriculum conferences throughout the three years of residency on issues such as dysfunction to the family, psychosocial aspects of disease, and diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders. Physician impairment and well being are also addressed via lectures and seminars. Residents meetings are scheduled monthly to provide a forum for residents to organize schedules, develop curriculum, and lead mutual support and aid to one another.

Mock in-training exams and Test-taking skills workshops are included, along with the monthly Board Review sessions to ensure that residents develop and maintain the skills needed to successfully pass their boards. We encourage and support research, special projects and community outreach by the residents.

Residents of every year are encouraged to participate in research, special projects and the development of new programs. This is extremely important in our training program.

We have had some excellent projects completed by the residents, including:

1. Drug Interactions in the Elderly
2. Primary Care for the Mentally Retarded and developmentally disabled
3. Patient Held Obstetrics Charts