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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Department of Family Medicine

Research and Projects

A dynamic behavioral science curriculum is integrated throughout the three-year residency experience in a variety of ways. A half time social worker and half time psychiatrist are accessible and available for immediate consultations and patient co-counseling. These behavioral scientists coordinate core curriculum conferences throughout the three years of residency on issues such as dysfunction to the family, psychosocial aspects of disease, and diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders. Physician impairment and well being are also addressed via lectures and seminars. Residents meetings are scheduled monthly to provide a forum for residents to organize schedules, develop curriculum, and lead mutual support and aid to one another.

Mock in-training exams and Test-taking skills workshops are included, along with the monthly Board Review sessions to ensure that residents develop and maintain the skills needed to successfully pass their boards. We encourage and support research, special projects and community outreach by the residents.

Residents of every year are encouraged to participate in research, special projects and the development of new programs. This is extremely important in our training program.

We have had some excellent projects completed by the Family Medicine Faculty, Residents, and Students; including:

  • Caboral MF, Kim YS, Bullock-Palmer RF, et al. Evaluation of Triglyceride levels in black patients with decompensated heart failure. Journal of Cardiac Failure. 2008;14:S98-S99
  • Caboral MF, Kim YS, Bullock-Palmer RF, et al. Evaluation of Triglyceride levels in black patients with decompensated heart failure. Poster presentation. September, 2008, 12th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Heart Failure Society of America.
  • Cheung WW, Khan NH, Choi KK, Bluth MH, Vincent MT. Prevalence, evaluation and management of overactive bladder in primary care. BMC Family Practice 2009, 10:8 doi:10.1186/1471-2296-10-8
  • Classie, J, Vincent, MT. Optimizing the High School Athlete's and Student's Environment an Integral Component Part of the Pre-Participation Evaluation: "Are We Doing Enough?" Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine 2009 (in review).
  • Consedine N, Skamai A. Sociocultural considerations in aging men's health: implications and recommendations for the clinician. J Men's Health 2009 Sept;6(3):197-207. [Part of a series of articles on "Healthy Aging in Men" edited by Richard Sadovsky, M.D.]
  • Donat, M. "Sleep Duration and Risk of Diabetes: Analysis of the National Health Interview Survey", Poster presentation, SLEEP 2009: 23rd Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, June 6-11, 2009.
  • Gerecitano, J., Skamai, A., Sprague, S. Clinical Trials: Understanding the Need. Professional Education program for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society delivered as an interactive workshop to primary care physicians, oncologists, and oncology nurses in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island, October 2009 through January 2010.
  • Hatzichristou D, Rosen R, Derogatis L, Low WY, Meuleman EJH, Sadovsky R, Symonds. Recommendations for the clinical evaluation of men and women with sexual dysfunction. J Sex Med 2010, Jan;7(1):337-348. Discussion of how to approach men and women complaining of physical sexual problems
  • Herman S, Sadovsky R. Psychosocial health screening and recognizing early signs of psychosocial distress. J Men's Health, accepted for publication, anticipated in Feb 2010. [Part of a series of articles on "Healthy Aging in Men" edited by Richard Sadovsky, M.D.]
  • Hoglund MW, Sadovsky R, Classie J. Engagement in life activities promotes healthy aging in men. J Men's Health 2009 Dec;6(4):354-365. [Part of a series of articles on "Healthy Aging in Men" edited by Richard Sadovsky, M.D.]
  • Kim YS, Sadovsky R, Alfonso J, Etheridge-Otey J, Islam A. Assessment of medication-taking behavior and its association with Hemoglobin A1c level in adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Poster presentation accepted for 42nd Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Annual Spring Conference; April-May, 2009.
  • Sadovsky R. Facilitating healthy aging among men: making an impact. J Men's Health 2009 June,6(2):88-90. [Part of a series of articles on "Healthy Aging in Men" edited by Richard Sadovsky, M.D.]
  • Sadovsky R. "Primary Care Clinciians and Spewcialists Working Together to Solve Sexual Health Problems. Soc Sex Med North American, Toronto, Nov 2008
  • Sadovsky R. "Primary Care and Sexual health problems in Patients With Cancer" Intern Cong Sexual Med; Paris, July 2009.
  • Sadovsky R. Panelist: "Update in Testing men with Erectile Dysfucntion." Intern Cong Sexual Med, Paris July 2009.
  • Sadovsky R. "A Primary Care Approach to Men;s Health." Intern Soc Men's Health, Vienna, Oct 2009.
  • Sadovsky R. "Managing Testosterone Issues in Primary Care," Intern Soc Men's Health Vienna Oct 2009.
  • Sadovsky R. "Sex over 60" Sept 2008 and Sept 2009. Mount Sinai Meidcla school geriatric Board Review Course. New York
  • Sadovsky R, Basson R, Krychman M, Morales AM, Schover L, Wang R, Incrocci L. Cancer and sexual problems. J Sex Med 2010, Jan;7(1):349-373. Comprehensive and definitive discussion of sexual problems caused by common cancers and treatments.
  • Sadovsky R, Brock GB, Gutkin SW, Sorsaburu S. Toward a new "EPOCH": optimizing treatment outcomes with phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors for erectile dysfunction. Int J Clin Pract 2009, Aug;63(8):1214-1230. A thorough update on the use of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors in the management of erectile dysfunction.
  • Sadovsky R, Collins A, Tighe AP, Brunton SA, Safeer R. Patient use of dietary supplements: a clinician's perspective. Curr Med Res Opin. 2008, 24:4;1209-1216.
  • Sadovsky R, Kris-Etherton P. Prescription omega-3-acid ethyl esters for the treatment of very high triglycerides Postgrad Med 2009 Jul;121(4):145-153. Discussion of the use of prescription and non-prescription omega-3 fatty acids to treat elevated triglycerides.
  • Sass, P., Skamai, A. Developing a Three Year Integrated Palliative Care Curriculum: Working with Community Partners for Family Medicine Residents. Workshop proposal accepted for presentation at Society for Teachers of Family Medicine Northeast Regional Conference, Baltimore, MD, October 2008.
  • Seftel AD, Rosen RC, Rosenberg MT, Sadovsky R. Benign prostatic hypertrophy evaluation, treatment and association with sexual dysfunction: practice patterns according to physician specialty. Int J Clin Pract 2008, 62:4;614-622.
  • Shabsigh R, Sadovsky R, Rosen RC, et. al. Impact of an educational initiative on applied knowledge and attitudes of physicians who treat sexual dysfunction. IJIR 2009;1-8.
  • Skamai, A., Sass, P. Emotional Processing and Affective Communication Skills in Residency Training: A Developmental Approach. Workshop proposal accepted for presentation at Association for Behavioral Science in Medical Education 38th Annual Meeting, San Diego CA, October 2008.
  • Vincent, M. The Art of Making a Medical Presentation: Colorectal Cancer: Screening and Prevention. Train the Trainer Program for the American Cancer Society American Cancer Society, New York, New York, June 17, 2008. (Trained speakers to prepare, speak and teach new colorectal cancer screening guidelines to physicians in New York City, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island)
  • Vincent, M. The Resident as Teacher, Faculty Development Presentation/Workshop delivered to Departments of: Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynelogy, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Family Medicine, Anesthesia, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, September 2007 thru May 2008.
  • Vincent, M. The Medical and Legal Implications of Documentation, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, September 19, 2008.
  • Vincent, M. Diabetes Mellitus – 2008: A New Look, Ross Medical School, Dominica, June 18, 2008.
  • Vincent, M. Why N.Y.S. Needs to Recruit and Train Minority Physicians -- Dispelling Myths and Raising Hopes: The Medical School Admission Process, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York, New York, February 29, 2008

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