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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Department of Family Medicine


The Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to meet all criteria specified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the Residency Review Committee. Rotations have been designed to incorporate the optimum experiences for residents consonant with program philosophies. Individual faculty members are responsible for the conference topics in their area of special interest and expertise.

The first year begins with a one-month orientation to family medicine. During this time, residents attend lectures, seminar on common illnesses in family medicine, and participate in workshops such as suturing techniques and EKG interpretation. They are also oriented to office and inpatient settings. A written examination and oral presentations of assigned topics formally assess academic abilities. Residents also begin treating patients from their assigned panels in the Family Medicine Centers.

The Core specialties of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology are taught as block rotations utilizing the facilities of various hospitals to provide optimal inpatient experiences.

The second and third years of residency build upon the knowledge and skills obtained in the first year with increasing time treating patients in the Family Medicine Center increasing levels of responsibility on the Family Medicine Inpatient team.

Several rotations in the second and third year are free from call; which allows time for reading and research. Three months of electives allow the resident to tailor his/her residency to his/her needs and interests. The resident arranges electives with assistance from his/her advisor.