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Office of Faculty Affairs & Professional Development

About Faculty Development

Our Vision

Downstate is an innovative leader in education and educational scholarship of health professionals


Downstate achieves excellence in best practices for health care education through:

  • Fostering excellence in medical education
  • Developing and promoting Best Practices in medical education
  • Improving teaching by actively contributing to learning community
  • Keeping faculty updated on new ideas through enrichment programs
  • Helping Faculty grow through assistance with educational techniques
  • Assisting faculty in expanding their academic and teaching portfolios
  • Being a catalyst for idea exchange and innovation
  • Creating dialogue in order to foster research ideas
  • Promoting interactive multidisciplinary collaboration and exchange (include other colleges)
  • Providing career counseling and academic growth opportunities
  • Offering feedback mechanisms and outcome assessment modalities
  • Bridging the gap between the disciplines


Dr. Stephan Rinnert
Vice Chairman for Faculty Development and Education
Emergency Medicine

Dr. Richard Winant
Director of Library

Dr. Karen Benker
Assistant Professor of the Department of Health Policy and Management
Associate Dean for Community Public Health Affairs

Dr. Judith LaRosa
Vice Dean and Professor
Interim Chair of the Department of Community Health Science
School of Public Health

Dr. Dawn Morton-Rias
Dean and Professor
College of Health Related Professions

Professor Barbara Kitchener
Lecturer and Coordinator
Undergraduate Clinical Placement
SUNY Downstate College of Nursing

Angela Melton, M.Ed
Faculty Development Initiative