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Eric Morley, MD

Title: Clinical Assistant Professor, Assistant Residency Director 

Division: Education

Medical School: SUNY Downstate

Graduation Date: 2004

Residency Training: Kings County Hospital/SUNY Downstate

Areas of Professional Interest: Education, Trauma and infectious disease research


Peer-Review Journal Articles

Morley EJ, Paladino L, Tham E, Carrer A, Kelly S, Yakubov M, Gantman M, Sinert R.  Uncontrolled Hemorrhage In Insulin-Dependent Diabetic Rats. Academic Emergency Medicine. 2009. 16(8):756-62.

Hom J,  Morley EJ, Sasso P, Sinert R.  The effectof body mass index on pediatric emergency department asthma outcomes. Pediatric Emergency Care. 2009. 25(9):569-71.

Zehtabchi S, Morley EJ, Sajed D, Greenberg O, Sinert R. Delayed Pneumothorax after Stab Wound to the Chest: Truth or Myth? Injury. 2009. 40:40-43.

Morley EJ, Zehtabchi S.  Mannitol for Traumatic Brain Injury: Searching for the Evidence.  Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2008. 52(3):298-300.

Iacoangeli A, Lin Y, Morley EJ, Muslimov IA, Bianchi R, Reilly J, Weedon J, Diallo R, Böcker W, Tiedge H. 2004.  BC200 RNA in invasive and preinvasive breast cancer. Carcinogenesis. 25(11):2125-33.

Morley EJ, Hirsch HVB, Hollecher K, Lnenicka GA.  Effects of chronic lead exposure on the neuromuscular junction in Drosophila larvae.  2003. Neurotoxicology. 24(1), pp35-41.

Book Chapters

Morley EJ, Gough JE, Rodriguez. Endocarditis  and Myocarditis. Essentials of Emergency Medicine. In press.

Morley EJ, Doty CI. “Trauma: Peripheral vascular injury” in E medicine – Online Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine . Editors S. Plantz , and J Adler. Boston Medical Pub. Updated 2007.

Lnenicka GA, Morley EJ.  Activity-dependent development and plasticity of crustacean motor terminals.  2002. The crustacean nervous system. Springer-Verlag.  pp 266-281.

Other Publications

Torno-Morley T, Morley EJ.  Child abuse: bridging the gap between the ER and legal system.  2007. Common Sense. 14:1;24-25.

Outside Interests: Scuba, Guitar