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EMED 4039: Emergency Medicine Research

Richard Sinert, DO Course Director: Richard Sinert, D.O.
Computer Code: 92057
Course Location: Kings County
Registration Information: Shweta Malhotra
Telephone Contact: 718-245-2973
Fax: 718-245-4799
Email Address:
Course Timing
Month Offered: Year Round
Duration: 4 weeks
Hours per week: 40
No. of Students: Max 2
Visiting Students Accepted: Yes (Not Incl DMC Stud.)
Course Type: Research
Prerequisites: Medicine, Surgery
Procedure for Evaluation Of Students: Participation and Observation

Course Description
Students seeking a combination of theoretical and practical research experiences may register for this elective. During the four-week rotation, the student will do 40 hours a week of data collection in the Emegency Medicine Department at Kings County Hospital Center. In addition, a weekly 2-hour seminar will be conducted. The data collection shifts will consist of identification of protocol patients, patient interviews, and data entry. Students may also be involved in basic science projects in the animal lab. Basic science projects will give the students experience with animal handling, anesthesia, operative procedures, and data collection. Students will be responsible for doing literature searches, and background reading necessary to analyze their articles. Students may extend this elective to a longer period to complete their research projects on a case-by-case basis. Pre-Epidemiology, History and Physical Exam Skills Laboratory. Students will attend weekly research meetings with Dr. Sinert.

Students may NOT register for this elective through the lottery; permission is required by the course director.