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Emergency Medicine / Masters of Public Health

The EM-MPH program at SUNY Downstate / KCHC is the only one of its kind. It is an integrated program that begins in residency and continues for 2 years into your faculty time.  The Department of Emergency Medicine will sponsor you in the SUNY Downstate School of Public Health for the degree of Masters in Public Health.  In return, we expect a two year commitment as an attending at SUNY Downstate and Kings County.  The residents/faculty enrolled in this program will apply in the PGY2 year for the MPH program.  The Department of Emergency Medicine bears all costs of tuition for the program.

This unique program was developed in 2004 and re-vamped in 2009.  It stretches the two year course-work over a period of four years as the participants complete their senior EM residency program requirements then work as faculty. Arrangements are made for these residents to work on their MPH obligations during light rotations or to arrange their schedule in such a way that their MPH projects do not interfere with their clinical duties. Faculty in the program work a reduced clinical load to allow them to attend classes and complete faculty projects.
The idea behind this program is two-fold. The EM-MPH program gives these residents a better understanding of the public health aspects of EM as well as fosters research and joint projects on the resident and departmental levels between the EM departmental and the school of public health.

We are investigating tailoring this program to students interested in pursuing other masters’ degrees.

Residents in this highly competitive program are:


Lisa Meister
Brenda Natal
Ninfa Mehta
Vivian Tsai
Brian Wright
Class of 2013
Class of 2011
Class of 2009
Class of 2008
Class of 2008