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A. Books:

  • Natal B, Chao J. Otitis Media. eMedicine from WebMD. Updated November 2, 2009
  • Shah BR and Lucchesi M: Atlas of Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Mc Graw-Hill; 2006
  • Shah BR and Laude TA: Atlas of Pediatric Clinical Diagnosis; WB Saunders; 2000
  • Shah BR and Laude TA.
    Atlas de Diagnostico Clinico em Pediatria
    (Atlas of Pediatric Clinical Diagnosis)
    Portuguese Translation; 2001

B. Books Selected for Online:

  • Shah BR and Laude TA.
    Atlas of Pediatric Clinical Diagnosis
    Selected for Pediatric Core Collection; “MD Consult”; On-line from Elsevier Inc.; 2002
  • Shah BR and Lucchesi M
    Atlas of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
    McGraw-Hill, New York, NY; 2006
    Selected for; Online from McGraw-Hill, NY, 2007