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Alumni Donations

How to Make a Difference

Over the past 15 years, approximately 80% of our graduates have chosen a career in academic medicine and have successfully competed for fellowships. Our alumni have excelled as a result of the superior training environment and a dedicated approach to teaching. To help us continue to provide the high levels of teaching and expand our educational mission, we have developed a fund to be used exclusively for the education, support, and wellness of the residents at Kings County /SUNY Downstate. We ask that all alumni please donate to the Emergency Medicine Alumni Association in order to give back to the program that has given us so much

See what a fellow alumnus has to say:
"Time to give back a little somethin’.  I have realized that I received some of the best medicine training, regardless of specialty, during my Emergency Medicine residency at Kings County/SUNY Downstate.  I have yet to find an equal to our residency program across the country.  If you share my feelings towards our residency than it should be easy to donate to the current residents.  If you slightly disagree, or strongly disagree with me, than there are plenty of reasons to donate to the current residents.  This fund is created for the program director, and only the program director, to tap for the benefit of the residents.  It will be used to help fund resident development and resident wellness.  It is the hope that his fund will help provide for residents to explore opportunities of interest such as conferences and mini-fellowship activities.  It is also the hope to fund resident wellness activities from this fund.  If any of you went on one of the ski trips I know you found it well worth the drive.  Just escaping from the rigors of residency to enjoy a day of bowling at Bowlmor lanes was fantastic and I hope that we can provide the current residents at our alma mater the same opportunities.  A well-balanced, driven, happy resident flourishes into a fantastic physician."

-Mathew Foley
Class of 2008 - Best Class Ever!

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