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Remembering September 11th

Remembering September 11th

As the first anniversary of September 11 approaches, it is important to remember to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. There are many resources available to help you cope with feelings, memories, and reactions.

LIFEWORKS® has a variety of online resources and literature available for anyone who needs support through this potentially difficult time. The following is a list of online articles available through their website, as well as other supportive services.

Online Interactive Tools:
Marking Painful Anniversaries
Ways to Support Employees During the First Anniversary of 9/11
Planning a Remembrance Ceremony
Resources for Volunteering and Community Involvement
Signs an Employee May Be Experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress
Helping a Co-Worker Through a Loss and Helping an Employee Cope with Grief
Living in a Heightened State of Awareness and Concern
Talking with Children About Violence and War
Dealing with Anxieties About Air Travel
Stress Reactions to Media Coverage of Traumatic Events
Coping with Grief and Loss After a Traumatic Event
Online Bulletin: Doing Something Positive his Week
Booklet and Recording:
Booklet – Bouncing Back
Audio Recording – Finding Strength in Family and Community
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To speak with a LifeWorks consultant call - 800-362-9874

MORE RESOURCES for Coping with Grief
Excellent online e-mail support for help in dealing with grief
**Special e-mail support groups for those affected by terrorist attacks
Site with LOTS of links to bereavement and loss sites. I have not checked all the links so I can’t vouch for their usefulness, but there are plenty to choose from.
Online support groups; links; resources for women who have suffered loss through miscarriage, sudden infant death, infertility, stillbirth or neonatal death.
Special service for women who have suffered the death of a partner (regardless of sexual orientation)
This UK-based site is excellent for explaining the grief process. Well-written and offers practical, easy to understand suggestions on coping with