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Downstate Times

The Newsletter for SUNY Downstate
University Hospital of Brooklyn

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Issue 20, December 2013

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ISSUE 20 star DECEMBER 2013


Happy Holidays from Downstate Times.
May the season find you blessed with laughter, peace, and love.


When an Employee Became a Patient:
A Thank You Letter to Downstate

The author of this letter asked to remain anonymous to preserve her PHI – but very much wanted her thoughts shared.

I was scheduled for surgery at UHB on 7/19/2013. To make UHB my first choice was a no-brainer because I believe in the care that we provide at Downstate. I was very confident about how good the care is, but I was not prepared to be blown away by the "above and beyond the call of duty" type of care that I received.

My pretesting swiftly completed several days earlier, I was greeted the morning of surgery with warmth and smiles from staff at the pre op areas. Ms. Matilda Dyer and her staff were excellent and so was the OR staff, Monica Coronado and Rose DeLaPena and their staff.

The warm voices of Dr. Rebecca Twersky and her team of anesthesiologists were sweet music to my ears upon waking up from anesthesia because I immediately knew my pain would be managed to my goal of 0 out of 10 -- zero being no pain and ten being the most. I comfortably maintained that zero pain score into NS82 and discharge.

On NS82, ADN Nelcia Trim and her team of wonderful staff made my stay very comfortable.

My daughter had a sleeper bed and was allowed to stay with me overnight. I witnessed hourly rounding first hand, and I can attest: It works!! I did not have to put on my call bell because I was rounded on hourly and staff came as promised, every hour.

All my needs were anticipated and met by the staff of NS82. No wonder NS82 continues to win first prize in Press Ganey awards. And yes, every patient on the floor received the same high level of care and customer service.

I wish to thank Dr. Krishnamurthi Sundaram and his otolaryngology staff, the recovery room staff, the pre-testing staff, and the OR staff, with special thanks to Ms. Trim and all the NS82 staff.

I will continue to recommend SU NY Downstate Medical Center – the best staff work here!