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Ann Harris, NP-C, assisted by Troy Cort, RN, describes the workings of an implantable cardiac defibrillator.

Heart Rhythm Disorders

by Betty Jung, RN
Patient Educator
Center for Community Health Promotion and Wellness

According to the American Heart Association, heart arrhythmia affects 4 million Americans. While arrhythmia is treatable in the majority of cases, an estimated 8 percent of deaths in the United States each year are due to sudden cardiac arrest caused by an abnormal heart rhythm.

To raise community awareness about the dangers of heart rhythm disorders, the Center for Community Health Promotion and Wellness sponsored a community health lecture on "Abnormal Heart Beats." Ann Harris, NP-C, clinical coordinator of the Cardiac Electrophysiology Program, discussed what it means to have arrhythmia, how to recognize its symptoms, and current treatment options.

For more information or to make an appointment to be evaluated for arrhythmia, call 718-270-4147 (University Hospital of Brooklyn's Central Brooklyn location) or 718-567- 1755 (SUNY Downstate at Bay Ridge).