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Neil Brody, MD, PhD, FAAD

Education and Training
  • Medical school: New York University School of Medicine
  • Residency: Dermatology, New York University Medical Center
  • Certifications: Board Certified in Dermatology

Dr. Neil Brody is a Clinical Professor at SUNY Downstate, where he has taught dermatology residents for close to 40 years. Dr. Brody completed his undergraduate degree at Boston University. He subsequently attended New York University School of Medicine, where he earned a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Immunology and a Doctor of Medicine degree (MD). Dr. Brody also completed his Dermatology residency training at New York University. He came to Suny DMC with Dr Shalita in 1975 and helped grow the dept from a one person division of medicine to ones of the largest dept of derm in the country. He established and ran the in-patient and consult services University hospital for 15 years, established one of the first outpatient phototherapy units and was the first laser officer at SUNY-DMC.

Dr. Brody has been involved in groundbreaking research in numerous facets of dermatology and immunology. Throughout the years, he has been the principal investigator on a variety of clinical and basic science research studies, in areas as diverse as tumor immunology, psoriasis, lasers, anti-oxidants, actinic keratoses, photoaging, and melanoma. Early in his career he discovered and characterized a factor produced by melanoma that thwarts the immune response thus enhancing melanoma progression. He developed an animal model to demonstrate that UVA decreased resistance to melanoma. More recent work focused on developing effective topical antioxidants that can effectively reduce facial erythema and treat acne.

Dr. Brody has received countless accolades for his accomplishments in medicine and research, including an American Cancer Society Grant, the HUSIG Prize in Dermatology Research, a Society for Investigative Dermatology Fellowship, NIH and other research grants. Dr. Brody is an avid speaker and has given numerous lectures, both nationally and internationally.

For over 30 years, he also has run a successful dermatology private practice in Manhasset, New York including a psoriasis care center and laser center.

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