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Office of Compliance and Audit Services

SUNY Downstate Medical Center's Commitment to Compliance

Click here to read the SUNY Downstate Medical Center Compliance Program PDF.

The seven elements listed below represent the components of an effective compliance program, as described by Federal and State authorities. 

Mandated Compliance Program Elements SUNY DMC Compliance Program
Oversight - Compliance Officer Chief Compliance, Audit & Internal Control Officer
Oversight - Committee Compliance and Audit Oversight Committee
Policies and Procedures Downstate Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
Training and Education General and Specific Education and Training
Open Lines of Communication (Hot-Line), Non-intimidation/Non-retaliation Compliance Line (877)-349-SUNY & “Compliance Line” link, Reporting System
Auditing and Monitoring Annual Compliance and Audit Work Plan
Response, Corrective Action, Enforcement and Discipline Investigation/Response, Remediation