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Standards & Accreditation

Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME)


Essential Area #1:

The Purpose and Mission: There shall be a written statement of ACCME mission, formally approved by the governing body. This shall include the CME purpose, content areas, target audience, type of activities provided, and expected results.

Essential Area #2:

Educational Planning and Evaluation: There shall be established procedures for identifying and analyzing the continuing medical educational needs and interests of prospective participants, and linking them with the desired goals and objectives. The needs and objectives will be communicated to the participant. The CME activities and the overall CME program will be effectively evaluated to assess whether they meet the stated educational needs.

Essential Area #3:

Administration: There must be appropriate resources and management procedures available to effectively fulfill the continuing medical education mission. The CME activities must be run 'in compliance with the ACCME's policies for disclosure and commercial support. There must be adequate supervision to assure the optimum quality and content in all activities, including enduring materials.

Commercial Support Standards

This Standard provides a framework that promotes shared obligations among faculty, commercial supporters and the accredited provider, with ultimate responsibility resting with the accredited provider.