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CME on the Move




2013 Activity Directors & Coordinator's Workshop


Thank you all for coming to the 2013 CME Workshop!

The questions and answers were very informative.  Here are some of the items we touched upon:

  • The 2013-15 application is now ready for download. Remember to streamline--- online disclosures and evaluation!
  • Approval will be done by e-mail, if you need a formal letter, please call to request one.
  • Transferring of information from the Disclosure Form to the Flyer
  • Online disclosures and retrieval methods, call the OCME for password
  • Budget Form, yearly or two years of preliminary information
  • Evaluation
  • Global objectives vs. sessions objectives
  • New CME annual fee increase


Disclosure link:

Disclosure retrieval link:


See you all next year!!



MedEdPORTAL: a resource for CME providers, faculty, clinician-learners, many others MedEdPORTAL (Providing Online Resources to Advance Learning in Medical
Education) is a free publication venue developed by the AAMC to support educators and learners as they create and use online teaching materials, assessment tools and faculty development resources.
Publications in MedEdPORTAL include tutorials, virtual patients, cases, lab manuals, assessment instruments, faculty development materials covering from
undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical and dental education - and each of them can meet CME and quality improvement goals. MedEdPORTAL has
sizable potential for CME providers, teachers, quality managers and others:
1) as a source of material for presentations; 2) as an opportunity to publish
high quality, peer reviewed materials developed in CME settings; 3) as a possible revenue source for on-line materials; and 4) as a peer reviewed scholarly contribution suitable to support promotion and tenure decisions.
For more information: an electronic copy of the MedEdPORTAL Training Materials can be downloaded at:, or contact

CME faculty training on commercial support:

The National Faculty Education Initiative was launched in October 2008 by the Alliance for CME (Alliance) and Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME), in collaboration with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The goal of the Initiative is to help medical education faculty understand the differences between certified CME activities and commercial marketing/promotional programs.

The online educational activity is available to physician, nursing and pharmacy faculty at

Get the Facts!

The Get the Facts! Campaign is a national effort to disseminate factual information on issues that are important and relevant to the CME community.



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