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SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Downstate Depot - Central Stores

Office Supplies

Central Stores INFO

Phone: 718-270-1514
Fax: 718-270-1266
MailStop: 61
Email: Reception Desk - Gail Moore
Location: UH B-526. Enter thru Downstate Depot Reception UH B-530A; opposite Medical Records.
Hours: M-F 9am to 5pm. Your order must be received by 4:45 pm in order to be processed by 5pm.
Asst Director Kevin LeDoux, 718-270-4254
Deputy Director Victor Haynes, 718-270-3074

Office Supplies at Central Stores

Central Stores continues to stock and distribute some high volume office supplies. View the current Central Stores Catalog including pre-printed generic DMC stationery items, interoffice envelopes, batteries, binders, paper bags, 3/4"tape, rubber bands, wrapping paper rolls, re-writable CD& DVDs, flash drives, and high volume toners used on nursing stations

Office Supplies through Office Max/ WATS International

All other office supplies at the main campus, Bay Ridge, and satellite clinic departments are provided through the State Contract Office Supply desktop delivery program:

WATS International - In February 2015 the SUNY Contract for Office Supply desktop delivery program (previously thru Staples) transitioned to a new NYS contract with OfficeDepot and it's subcontractor in the NYS downstate region, WATS International. The company names can be confusing since OfficeDepot merged with OfficeMax. Thus, the vendor name referred to in this program can be any one of these entities. DMC's State Procurement department provided training sessions during Feb 2015. The Program has about 400 specific common Office Supplies at NYS discounted rates available to Downstate departments utilizing State Funds for cost effectiveness and efficiency. This program provides departments with faster and easier ordering with desk top delivery, for most items by the next business day.

Set up Your Access and Account: State account departments must first contact State Purchasing Department (Maria Lucido 718-270-7214) and designate a departmental coordinator (typically your department's administrator) to receive training: WATS International Program Training Guide (link). Once trained, the departmental coordinator will receive a UserID and initial password to log into the program. An on-line shopping cart can be created for your frequent needs.

Account Set Up: GO to WATS and at top of page, click on the tab "SUNY OFFICE DEPOT". Follow the prompts you to create your login and profile (see Training Guide cover letter for details). Thereafter, you can go directly to

  • WATS International login page (link) to create Your Shopping Cart and Submit Orders.
  • The Purchasing Department Coordinator reviews your order for funding availability and approval. Once approved, your order will be electronically processed by Staples and delivered to your internal destination on the following business day.
  • Ordering Items NOT on the DMC standardized Staples list: If your department wishes to order items that are NOT on the DMC standardized list, your department will need to process a standard State Purchase Requisition Form and attach a letter of justification. Your department's Vice President must approve your requisition before submitting the req to State Purchasing (DMC Mailbox 63). The requisition will be processed through the normal manual State Purchasing process.

Research account holders should contact Research Purchasing Office (Ext 1118; 718-270-1118) to utilize the Research Foundation's ordering process.

DMC Affiliated Companies (non-State Funds). Procurment is currently establishing the process for any inteerested DMC Affiliates (Research Foundation, FSA, HSCB Foundation Inc, University Physicians of Brooklyn Inc, Children's Center of SUNY Brooklyn Inc, etc..) to use this program to receive the NYS discounted rates. (will be updated once instructions are established)