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SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Central Stores

Archive Document Storage & Retrieval Service

Central Stores INFO

Phone: 718-270-1514
Fax: 718-270-1266
MailStop: 61
Email: Reception Desk
Location: UH B-526. Enter thru Downstate Depot Reception UH B-530A; opposite Medical Records.
Hours: M-F 9am to 5pm. Your order must be received by 4:45 pm in order to be processed by 5pm.
Asst Director Vacant (Kevin LeDoux retired 12/31/17)
Deputy Director Victor Haynes, 718-270-3074

For Older hard copy records, SUNY DMC has an outside vendor service for all archive record storage and retrieval. Departments are highly encouraged to utilize this service where feasible so that you department space can be more effectively used for your departmental mission.. The current vendor is "Recall" Total Management, Inc. (formerly CitiStorage). Below are the instructions to use the Recall service. Recall services are recharged through your Central Stores Recharge Account (Object code 9200). Payment process follows same Recharge billing Process as all other Central Stores services (link to State and Non-State account holders processes)

QUESTIONS? Contact the Downstate Depot/Central Stores Reception Desk.

FIRST TIME USERS: Need to establish a new Recall account by completing the Recall (Citistorage) Account Set Up form and a DMC Purchase Requisition Form for your estimated annual expenses; send both to Central Stores.

EACH NEW FISCAL YEAR, you must complete a new Purchase Requisition Form at the start of each new FY for your estimated annual expenses and submit to Central Stores.

DON'T PAY TO STORE UNNECESSARY RECORDS! When you place records in storage, your department will continue to pay for the monthly storage, so it is important that you at least annually review the list of records that your department has in storage and that you destroy records that are no longer required to be retained. When new files are sent for archiving, you will be required establish the destruction date for the files. The SUNY Archive guidelines for record retention can be found online.

Is Onsite Electronic Document Imaging Right For Your Department? All departments are urged to the extent possible to begin scanning documents and store electronic documents, so that over time, storage of paper files becomes limited to only those required by law.For information regarding how to set up and use DMC's online electronic document imaging service, contact the DMC Contracts Office (Maureen Crystal, Contracts Director Ext 1976 (718-270-1976).

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