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The Department offers graduate training with emphasis on research in the areas of Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. Graduates are well prepared for careers in research and teaching in academic and biotechnology industries. A stimulating environment for graduate training exists with students interacting closely with faculty, postdoctoral fellows and other students within the department. Interaction is encouraged between laboratories through formal collaborations and informal get-togethers. In addition, seminar and elective courses dealing with current research topics are offered (see below course listing).

Students select a departmental faculty member as mentor after completing the first year of graduate study within the Interdisciplinary Core Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology or Neuroscience. The MD/PhD students begin graduate study after completing the first two years of Medical School.

Graduate Courses

Course Code

Course Title
ANATCB M-100 Gross Cell Biology Dr. Paulette Bernd
ANATCB M-101 Cell Biology and Histology Dr. George Ojakian
ANATCB G-108 Seminar Series in Cell and Molecular Biology Dr. M.A.Q. Siddiqui & staff
ANATCB G-500 Special Research Techniques in Cell Biology Dr. George Ojakian & staff
ANATCB M-504 Introduction to Electron Microscope Techniques Dr. Eva Cramer & Mr. Wei Quan
ANATCB G-510 Current Topics in Cellular and Developmental Biology Dr. M.A.Q. Siddiqui & Dr. Michael Wagner
ANATCB G-511 Advanced Neuroanatomy of Laboratory Animals Dr. Frank Scalia
ANATCB G-512 Current Issues in Developmental Biology Dr. Michael Wagner
ANATCB G-513 Techniques in Modern Biology Dr. M.A.Q. Siddiqui
GMCB 0201 Molecular and Cellular Biology I Dr. Christopher Roman (Course Director);
Dr. Camilo Parada (Course Director); Dept Faculty
GMCB 0520 Advanced Topics in Immunology Dr. Christopher Roman