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Department of Cell Biology Faculty

Photo of Richard Feinman

Richard Feinman, Ph.D.


Tel: (718) 270-1014


Research Interests:

His original area of research was in protein chemistry and enzyme mechanism. His current interest Nutrition and Metabolism, specifically in the area of diet composition and energy balance. His work in this area is stimulated by, and continues to influence, his teaching in the Medical School where he has been a pioneer in incorporating nutrition into the biochemistry curriculum. Dr. Feinman is the chief organizer of the June 2004 Downstate-Kingsbrook Conference on Nutritional and Metabolic Aspects of Low Carbohydrate Diets. He is director of the Nutrition & Metabolism Society and co-Editor-In-Chief of the Open Access online journal, Nutrition&Metabolism.

link to journal:


Feinman - Debate on Macronutrients in Management of Diabetes_ April 2012