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Cancer Research Program

Research and clinical trials at SUNY Downstate focuses on a wide variety of different cancer types.

Research in the Roman lab addresses how overexpression of the transcription factor TFE3 as it occurs in some renal malignancies dramatically changes the morphology and gene expression patterns of fibroblasts (compare control MIG -top - to TFE3 -bottom)

The cancer research community at SUNY-Downstate Medical Center spans the basic and clinical sciences and encompasses a broad diversity of research areas. Interests range from understanding the molecular basis of tumorigenesis - control of cell growth and differentiation, angiogenesis, DNA damage and mutation - to epidemiology, cancer detection, treatment strategies, clinical trials, and community health education and outreach.Basic science and clinical laboratories and advanced level academic programs provide research training opportunities to students in the Ph.D., M.D., and combined M.D. Ph.D programs, to post-doctoral and medical fellows, and students training in allied health fields. Numerous core facilities and multiple interdepartmental seminars contribute to the dynamic cancer research enviroment.

Plasmid DNA was delivered to the livers of mice by intravenous injection at high pressure. Liver sections were stained for beta-galactosidase activity and counter-stained with hemotoxylin and eosin. Cells taking-up the plasmid DNA are blue. Dr. Miriam Feuerman's laboratory studies the genes that conrol liver regeneration.