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Brooklyn Alzheimer's Disease Assistance Center

Programs and Services

Support groups for Caregivers:

Support groups for caregivers are offered in English, Spanish and Greek. Caregivers meet and discuss ways in which to support the family member with Alzheimer's disease; discussions include: Safe Return Bracelet, enlisting support from family members, ways to hold a family meeting, information about medical and non-traditional approaches such as spirituality, music and art. Caregivers also receive relevant materials and information as to how to nurture themselves.

The Intergenerational Program:

Nazareth Regional High School students who are often multi lingual are trained by Dr. Andreas Adams, on the nature of Alzheimer's disease (AD). They are taught how to engage the AD patient using an array of recreational activities and reminiscence therapy. After the training, the students are placed in homes of families with an AD patient, generally in the Flatbush and Canarsie neighborhoods. The families have been extremely satisfied and helped by the adolescents. These high school students are compensated financially ($10/hour), and receive school credit for community service from Nazareth Regional High School. This relationship between BADAC and the school is now in its 7th year. Many of these students pursue higher education at public / private institutions in health care.

Media Outreach

Periodically family caregivers and BADAC staff are interviewed on radio stations. Most recently, interviews were held in Spanish on Radio Maria, a Hispanic Catholic Radio Program. The format is used to give a clinical overview on Alzheimer's disease, and the physical and psychological consequences upon the caregiver. Caregivers relate individual experiences, and coping strategies. In addition, BADAC publishes a quarterly newsletter to present updated research information on AD, current news events, and feature articles about gift giving and caregivers.

Patients Activities' Group

An activities' group for Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers is held monthly. Activities include reminiscences / life review, interactive board games (checkers, Connect Four, UN game), bingo, arts and crafts, music and so on. Patients also dialogue with each other. The group also serves as a learning opportunity for home attendants / caregivers who hone their skills on engaging the patient.