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Edward V. Quadros

Ph.D. University of London, U.K. 1976

Biochemical and molecular aspects of vitamin B12 absorption, transport and metabolism. Genetic abnormalities of vitamin B12 dependent pathways. Cellular and metabolic consequences of vitamin B12 and folate deficiencies.

Cancer therapeutics based on vitamin B12 and folate analogs that are antimetabolites, drug-conjugates and pro-drugs. Selective targeting of drugs via the B12and folate transport proteins and their receptors. Vitamin B12 and folate depletion strategies to inhibit cell replication in malignancies utilizing monoclonal antibodies to block cellular uptake of these vitamins and to deliver drugs. These approaches are designed to provide preferential targeting of rapidly dividing cancer cells because of the increased expression of receptors for uptake and increased need for these vitamins in cellular replication.