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Department of Biochemistry



The PhosphorImager User Center
Director: Miriam H. Feuerman, Ph.D.
Telephone extension: x1258

The PhosphorImager User Center provides Òself-serviceÓ access to an Amersham (formerly Molecular Dynamics) Storm 860 for the detection and quantitiation of radioactive beta (14C, 35S and 32P), gamma radiation (125I and 131I), x-rays as well as fluorescent emissions. A radioactive sample (usually a membrane or a gel) is exposed to a reusable PhosphorStorage screen which is then ÒreadÓ by the Storm 860. Radioactive signals can be visualized on a computer screen, manipulated and analyzed using the supplied ImageQuant proprietary software. This system is 10 times more sensitive than standard X-ray film in the detection of 32P and has a linear response over a range of 5 orders of magnitude. The Storm 860 can also detect fluorescent signals by placing the sample directly on the instrument which can be analyzed with the help of ImageQuant software. The instrument is part of a local area network consisting of 2 computer workstations and a printer, and is connected to the Internet to speed downloading of data to local computers. Hardware is available for the storage of data on Jaz or Zip disks. Software on the workstations include ImageQuant and MS Excel for manipulation and data storage. Files created by ImageQuant can be imported into most graphics programs for either PC or Macintosh operating systems.

Downstate laboratories wishing to use the PhosphorImager User Center should contact the Director.