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The Brooklyn Healthcare Improvement Project

Insurance Subcommittee Projects

The Insurance Subcommittee serves several purposes relating to coalition building and data issues:

  1. Working to foster communication between the insurance companies and the coalition by providing an avenue for non-insurance related parties to experience the issues facing insurers.
  2. Mitigating issues related to administrative data. The group collaborates on legal and regulatory issues regarding the transmission of claims data from insurers to the research entity. The committee is also responsible for identifying other sources of data that can augment the current studies underway and aid researchers in navigating claims data pitfalls.
  3. Proposing unique studies to be conducted based on all data sources.


Hee Sun Yu, HealthFirst, Co-Chair
Adrian Faulk, Wellpoint, Co-Chair
Grace Wong, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, PI
Ivaline Joseph, Neighborhood Health Plan
Cleo Dixon, HealthPlus
Nina , Novartis
Michael, Novartis
Karyn Kramptiz, The Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies
Fred Hagan, SEIU 1199
Dr. Daniel Weisz, SUNY Downstate Research Foundation
John Trombley, SUNY Downstate Medical Center