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The Brooklyn Healthcare Improvement Project

What B-HIP is all about

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Funded by: HEAL New York State 9 Grant, a government effort to stimulate and support local health planning.

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September 2009 Newsletter

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The B-HIP Mission:

Our mission is to improve the wellness of our population by addressing access, quality, and cost-effectiveness of health care in Northern and Central Brooklyn.

The B-HIP Vision:

BHIP seeks to ensure access to affordable, quality, and timely care for all residents in Northern and Central Brooklyn, effectively eliminating disparities in health outcomes, through a coordinated health systems planning process that engages and fosters collaboration among multiple stake holders.

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In collaboration with our partners, B-HIP seeks to develop a diverse and well informed community health planning body for Central and Northern Brooklyn. Our coalition will collect and analyze relevant data from various sources in order to develop a comprehensive healthcare resources inventory. Once we have completed data collection and developed this unique inventory, we will make recommendations that will shape practices and policies regarding health services utilization and resources allocation. Our goal is to facilitate access to care and improve health outcomes.


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