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Department of Biomedical Communications


Routine services are generally priced per item. Projects of a complex or extensive nature may be priced on the basis of time and materials. Project-related expenses (i.e. travel, shipping, rental of special equipment, subcontractor fees, etc.) will be added to the normal charge. Upon request, written estimates for projects will be provided.
Our base rates and item prices apply to all projects that are not paid by State, University Hospital, or Research Foundation requisitions. This includes departmental work paid for by check, as well as work for affiliated hospitals and non-HSCB-related projects.
Work paid for by State, University Hospital, or Research Foundation requisitions is partially subsidized and is governed by a separate rate that reflects our costs. It should be noted that our rates are considerably less than most other medical centers with an equivalent degree of subsidization (according to the Price Survey of the Association of Biomedical Communication Directors).
Prices reflect permission for first international reproduction rights. Copyright is retained by the State University of New York Downstate. Re-use fee is 35 percent of the total charge. There is no re-use charge for public service or in-house education.



Turnaround time for routine work in the production of graphics, slides and prints ranges from 1 to 5 days. Imaging computer graphic slides requiring no adjustments, as well as producing black and white slides, color slides, passport photos, overhead transparencies, poster prints, digital prints and film processing, are routinely done in 24 hours. Project work is normally scheduled by the appropriate supervisor or technical specialist, based on variables such as workload and project complexity.

Priority Service

We understand that sometimes services are needed on a rush basis. Every possible effort will be made to meet your deadline. However, rush requests can only be accepted if time permits and if they do not jeopardize normally scheduled jobs. A rush charge of an additional 50 percent will be added when you require a guaranteed turnaround time that is shorter than the normal turn around time assigned to your project. If we feel that we are unable to meet the indicated deadline, we will notify you before the work order is written and entered on our computer, and indicate the earliest time we could guarantee completion.

If this time frame is unacceptable, we suggest alternative solutions, such as modification of material, choosing a faster production medium, or show clients how they could do certain parts of the work themselves. We will also help identify alternative service bureaus or biomedical communication departments at local metropolitan medical centers. Please note that their charges may be considerably higher.