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Department of Biomedical Communications

Photography and Computer Imaging

We have expertise in documenting subjects that are unique to the medical and scientific fields and offer a variety of photographic techniques to capture both medical and non-medical subjects.

collage of Brooklyn Bridge, group photo and location photo

Eli Friedman and the Suitcase Kidney

We are able to image black and white and full-color graphics from paper originals, slides, computer disk or directly from computer files sent via electronic mail. Our imaging output is to high-resolution color, up to 3'x 8', and high-resolution slides.  Images can be retouched composited with other images or copy, and color corrected.

photo of Brooklyn Bridge


  • clinical
  • surgical
  • documentary
  • specimens
  • illustrative
  • passport
  • portrait
  • public relations
  • copy photography
  • studio


  • PC / Mac platforms
  • digital scanning of prints and slides
  • color printing (standard size and large display)