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May, 2013:Dear Downstate...


 Dear Downstaters:

            This is an open letter to us.

            We need to invite one another to participate in Global Employee Health and Fitness Month!

            Our very own Rose Jackman is our example to follow and there may be many more of us who can be called such.  Let’s seek one another ou as we go to  or for May 29th and National Senior Health and Fitness Day!  OK, yes, some of us officially can and should be called “seniors” (AARP accepts membership at age 50!) and it’s something of which to be well proud.

Worksite Wellness

More than 60% of adults work, and many spend 2,000 or more hours a year at work. Worksite wellness makes the places they work healthier. An ideal healthy worksite has opportunities for employees to:

  • be physically active
  • eat healthful foods
  • live tobacco-free

Get Fit Tips

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Set aside time to be active by scheduling it as an appointment on your calendar

            On May 8th this year, it is National Bike to School Day.  With our fair city employing CityBikes into some of our boroughs right now, this is appropriate for the times and for the season.  Just be careful with young ones to teach them about safety and to always have helmets for them.  Go to for more information.

            Finally, while we are writing love notes to one another this May, after the events of April in Boston and potential events here in NYC, let’s ensure the mental health of our youngest citizens.  May 5-11 is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week ( ).  Some might call the teen/young adult years a vulnerable time to becoming embroiled in extremism, and that certainly has occurred (Boston and elsewhere, and for many reasons apart from terrorism, too). 

            For our health, whether physical or mental fitness, we work together as a community, as friends and coworkers, and as family in the greatest City on our planet!