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January, 2013:Celebrate our heritage!


             It’s the beginning of a new year.  We have to begin with optimism about the world, the nation and our lives.  Of course, that can be difficult when economics, personal troubles and health issues plague us.


            All of us – regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, and position in life – should focus on service to others.  That is not an easy thing for many when one’s health is at risk or one’s life is in turmoil.  But visit and examine the ways, small or large, that you can take Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophy of justice and hope and bring that to your world.  Your world may be small or large, just as the ways in which you can execute service can be.  Sometimes, helping others in our community, however we may define that word, helps us as individuals.

MLK Drum Major for Service

MLK Drum Majors for Service are the helping hands who perform extraordinary everyday acts of service with reliability and commitment, but who seldom receive recognition. The MLK Drum Major for Service recognition is an opportunity to acknowledge that work and share stories of those leaders in your community. Learn more.

            And yes, it’s the post-holiday season when we may well have overindulged!  Try for tips on how to bring your weight down to where it is healthy – not to where people think you ought to have your weight!  Fitness is much more important that actual weight. The 20th Annual Healthy Weight Week is set for 20-26 January 2013.  Celebrate ways to be healthy again.