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August, 2013:The Eyes Have It!



            This is August and the summer is in full swing!  But it is also Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month.  Why is this important?  Eye health is key to living a long and self-sufficient life.  Children, like adults, need to have protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays which can lead to cataract formation.  A good pair of sunglasses and a hat with a brim can do that. 
Protect Your Eyes from the Sun           
For all age groups, sports-related eye injuries occur most frequently in baseball, basketball and racquet sports.  More than 28,000 people a year suffer eye injuries. Almost all sports-related eye injuries can be prevented. Whatever your game, whatever your age, you need to protect your eyes!
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            Another condition that we recognize in the month of August this year is psoriasis.  Depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and psoriatic arthritis are what are called “co-morbidities” that can result from having psoriasis.  Other co-morbidities associated with psoriasis include cancer, obesity, metabolic syndrome and other immune-related conditions such as Crohn's disease. A number of studies have found that people with psoriasis have an increased risk of certain types of cancer, such as a form of skin cancer known as squamous cell carcinoma and lymphoma. In some instances, these cancers have been associated with specific psoriasis treatments which suppress the immune system. Patients should follow recommended regular health screenings for cancer and avoid high risk behaviors

Life with psoriasisUpdated treatment guidelines for treating plaque psoriasis





Treating your psoriasis is critical to good disease management and overall health. Work with your doctor to find a treatment—or treatments—that reduce or eliminate your symptoms. What works for one person with psoriasis might not work for another. So it's important to know the different treatment options and keep trying until you find the right regimen for you.  Go to :  for more information.                         And be safe and enjoy the middle of summer!