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September, 2012: The Final Wave of Summer!


            “Try to remember the days of September…” is what the song lyrics beseech of us.  Why, of course, we can remember!  It’s the time of year when children return to school, when summer is near its end, when there may be Indian Summer weather or a fast entry into cool autumn.

            Thinking about the above, we want our children – the “village’s” children (“it takes a village” to raise them!) – to be healthy in all possible senses of that word.  In order to assist those we love, go to the links below which review two major observances in the month of September this year:
    National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Involve the Downstate community!  Childhood obesity isn’t limited to one state or town. It’s a nationwide concern. Download COAM’s toolkit – complete with sample PSAs, proclamations, and news releases – for quick, easy ideas for bringing National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month to your community.  September 19, 2012 National School Awareness Month


On the third Wednesday of each September, we celebrate the American Occupational Therapy Association’s National School Backpack Awareness Day™! Join AOTA and occupational therapy practitioners, educators, and students across the country on September 19, 2012, as we help others Live Life To Its Fullest by avoiding the pain and injury that can come from heavy backpacks and bags.  Here is the YouTube link to the video made by AOTA about choosing and packing a backpack:

            It’s Healthy Aging Month!  Of course, with September being such a wonderful month of returns and of change, why not focus on the other end of the spectrum of community?  Being “older” does not mean “less able” in all cases.  To help ourselves as we grow older to retain our vigor (which helps us retain interest in living and in others’ lives), please visit this Healthy Aging magazine has had retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Colin Powell on its cover, as well as Sarah Fergusson and Steven Tyler:

            Many of us as we age find that there are serious issues with health.  Take it from one of our own, Rose Jackman, who has transformed herself over the years, while a Downstate employee, into a role model in terms of healthy practices. 

            We don’t have to “try” to remember when we have role models with us every day!