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May, 2012: You know it!

            You KNOW you can’t get away with it!

            You just KNOW you are tagged for it this month.  Yes, it’s Employee Health and Fitness Month!  Time to get your groove on with movin’ on!  Try for tips on how to start.  We can take health tips from many people, including our primary care providers, but how about taking tips from the POTUS or the FLOTUS?!!!

            Yes, the President’s Council on Fitness can be accessed by all at and the First Lady’s is now infamous after her dancin’ with the stars!  And those stars are you and I.

            Take some time on the third Wednesday of May, May 16th, for for National Employee Health and Fitness Day.  Yes, that week is Bike to Work Week ( ) but if you don’t like to cycle you can certainly do the Dougie!  Any movement you can think of in your mind is better than just sitting. 

            The research that shows that people who sit all day are at high risk even if thin and ‘apparently fit’ for disease and illness is very telling.  We all have to go to work, or telework, and that usually for many Americans means sitting at a desk.  Every hour, just get up and boogie a bit.  Even if you work in a ‘Dilbert’ cubicle, your neighbors will get used to it eventually.  They may even decide to join in!

            Being fit isn’t the only important thing to think about this month.        May 12th represents World Fair Trade Day.  Why is this important to us in America?  If we purchase goods that are made by unprotected workers or workers with little pay and no say about conditions and profits, even such things as coffee beans from Africa or South America, we sometimes keep those world neighbors of ours in jeopardy.  Many major corporations now support at least one product that can be labelled as “fair trade” – such as Starbucks offering certain coffee beans that are produced locally and by natives to the area who have some control over their profit and the product.  They share in the larger corporation’s gain and it enables them to be more than just underpaid laborers.  Go to for more information.

            Until next month, shake yer derriere with the FLOTUS and dance to health and fitness!