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March, 2012: Meow!

             Like a lion, she rolls in and brings her roar!!  That is how children are told about late winter turning into early spring:  March.  Will she leave like a lamb? 

            Weather has become increasingly an issue globally.  It will affect nearly all we do, from depleted ozone levels which can increase the dangers of sunlight on skin.  It will cause “global warming”, something many misunderstand, since that phenomenon also brings severe winters (look at Europe this year, with the Netherlands finally having ice on its 100s of kilometers of canals after decades of nothing!  But it also brought deaths from hypothermia).

            Our planet is largely comprised of water, just as our bodies are.  Therefore, let’s be mindful of what weather can do to water, but also what WE may be doing to our fresh water.  The United Nations is concerned about water and food security, pollution and scarcity.  March 22nd is World Water Day ( ).  Download the UN’s key water protection document:

            Many of us have had excellent mentors throughout our lives.  Some of them may have been Licensed Clinical Social Workers.  March 2012 is National Professional Social Work Month ( ).  Particularly as the US withdraws troops from Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world, we need caregivers for our returning warriors.  If you know someone who is a veteran, they can find assistance from social workers and other counselors.

            More than anything else, for young children and teens, starting life properly is key to a successful and happy life.  March 4-10 is National School Breakfast Week (  

Yes, flavored milk now has fewer calories and less sugar, and it really works to get children to drink milk.  A good start to the day – milk, oatmeal, some fruit – is not expensive and can give young brains the fuel they need to learn. 

            We may not be able to control the wind and sun and elements, but we can control how we deal with our environment, what we put into it or take out of it, and how we prepare our next generation for the same stewardship of Mother Earth.  Roar!  Baaaaa!