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July, 2012: The Eyes have it!

But of COURSE it’s FIreworks Safety Month!  What’s better than the fireworks of the 4th of July every year in our fine City?  Nuttin’, that’s what.  But go to for the best way to deal with any kind of display, even sparklers, that might be LEGAL.  Just go to the river and watch the professionals’ works of art.

July is also Eye Injury Prevention Month.  Our eyes are not just enticing parts of the human body.  They bring us mobility and ability – to connect with others more easily and to achieve independence.  So many things can go wrong as we play, work and age.  ALWAYS use safety goggles when using any kind of equipment such as electrical saws and nail guns, for example.  Certain sports such as ice hockey and squash usually require eye protection.  Did you know that THE SUN can injure your eyes?  Of course it can.  The wearing of sunglasses, fancy/costly or plain/cheap, is more than just vanity.

17-23 July should bring us comfort – and fun!  It’s Every Body Deserves a Massage Week!!!!  If you try you’ll see why.

            Simply put, enjoy the first month of summer but take care of your eyes and your body, and help your coworkers and loved ones do so in turn.  That’s what the season brings us – wonderful days to see and time taken to relax and rejuvenate!