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December, 2012:Tis the season!


             It has not been a very wonderful year, this 2012!

            We – not just the United States of America but the world – have suffered greatly from war and natural disaster as well as those made by humanity (such as oil spills and economic crises).

            Yes, this month is Safe Toys and Gifts Month ( ).  We often confuse holy-days (holidays) as days to indulge in sales and material goods.

            Yes, Islam had a late November (sometimes in December) Day of Ashura holy day.  And Hanukkah is 8-16 December while Kwanzaa falls on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas).

            Why care about these celebrations and days of contemplation when the world is in so much pain and trouble?      

            Just reflect on the post-Hurricane Sandy behavior of just us New Yorkers.  We helped one another.  We did not fail one another in a crucial time of need.  For the most part, despite a few thieves and price gougers, people came together to feed, clothe, provide warmth and shelter for our neighbors, from New Jersey to Rockaway to Breezy Point to Long Island.
            Our obligation is to continue to maintain this way of life of helping those less fortunate, even if we ourselves might also have felt the impact of disaster, and especially if we have but one sandwich more than that less fortunate soul.

            THIS is the meaning of the holiday season, wherein the winter solstice that normally is the harbinger of the land about to go dormant can also bring us together in peace and comfort for all.


            Be well and happy and loving, dear Downstaters!, this holiday season.  Be remarkable, New York!