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October, 2011: Food, Wonderful Food!


             Well, Hurricane Irene may have stopped the pumpkins from being plentiful for the Northeast, but we are going to enjoy this month anyway!

            Let’s start with eating better and eating together:

EAT BETTER, EAT TOGETHER LOGOUse the link to download your toolkit for involving the entire family in preparing good, quick meals together.

            October 16th is World Food Day.

starburstThis isn’t about us eating food so much as ending or alleviating WORLD hunger year-round.  We can all help.

            And finally, no matter the loss of orange bliss (pumpkins!) for Halloween and for scrumptious soups, breads and pie, we can check in with to find out how to organize or participate in the American Heart Walk in our community at SUNY Downstate.

            Please enjoy this month as autumn begins and the colors around us – of leaves and of food – become brilliant and enticing.  Press a leaf in a favorite book (no, not ebook; a real one!) or find some squash at a farmers market in Brooklyn or wherever you live and make a fragrant and beautiful to see dish with your loved ones!