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June, 2011: Suddenly, Summer!


                  It could be raining men…. or men could be on our minds because it’s Men’s Health Month!

This June from the 13th to the 19th is also Men’s Health Week.  Why is this important?  I’m sure we all have men in our lives about whom we care – coworkers, family, friends – and it’s time to get them to concentrate on their own state of health.  While many men understand it’s important to take care of themselves, often they don’t.    If you don’t think they’ll listen to you, just direct them to this URL: 

Sometimes, you just have to provide a little nudge!

                  With school letting out for the summer, children may be at home (indoors and outdoors) for much of the day, with or without parents.  There will be other caregivers from time to time.  June is  Home Safety Month:   and we should all recognize the dangers that remain in our homes for all ages but especially for children. 

            There is a great interactive website to find out how a safe home can be created: .   It is very easy to review and provides wonderful tips.   You can also download great advice from the Home Safety Council.

Let’s start the summer in health and safety!