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April, 2011: Searching for Spring!

 "April Showers
Bring May Flowers!"

Yes, they do.  And they really announce spring in every way by allowing trees, grasses and flowers to bloom.  It's likely a prime reason someone decided to make Earth Day in late April annually (this year, the 22nd).

We also celebrate National Environmental Education Week from April 10-16 in preparation for respecting Mother Earth (why isn't it 'Father'?!) on Earth Day.

Look to and for great information, because the "wellness" of our planet means wellness for our loved ones and ourselves, and for everyone around us.

Another important wellness marker in April National Minority Health and Health Disparities Month.  There are distinct differences in disease frequency and treatment that might pertain to specific minority groups. 

The website to start looking at this is - and you can even follow them on Twitter:

If you click here you can find out about specific diseases and conditions and related research to help you improve management of such illnesses.

 By far this month's most important "take home message" is that it is National Child Abuse Prevention Month ( or


Here is the link to obtain a great Adobe pdf file on strengthening families and communities in 2011:

A spring blessing is emerging; let it rain upon us, one and all!