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September 2010: Remember!

We are about health - all aspects, positive and negative.

            Despite certain controversies affecting New York City and the rest of the nation, September 11th will continue to be National Service and Remembrance Day.   For our spiritual health, which can be key to our physical health, we should serve our neighbor regardless of creed, color, class, sex, age or ethnicity.  How else will we learn to tolerate difference?    

            What else do we know about the end of summer - September?  Fruits and vegetables and the harvest!  It's all about the future:    

Whole grains when combined properly with fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, provide a less expensive, sometimes more nutritious, meal for your family than one based in animal products (meats, dairy, eggs).  Try once weekly making it a family fun meal using only grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes.  The Whole Grains Council is another good site for information:


            While we are taking care of our bodies through nutrition, we should also pay attention to specific health issues for men and women.  It is Prostate Health Month as well as National Menopause Awareness Month.  Hormones both are key to optimal body function as well as can cause havoc to our systems.  The prostate is important to men's health as they age and as women age and go through menopause, it isn't just the well-known hot flashes that might be problematic.  Get as much information as you can from your healthcare provider and be sure to be examined annually.

            Finally, as it is every single year, 21 September 2010 is the International Day of Peace.

            This is sponsored by the United Nations ( ).  This year the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, has said the day will focus on youth and development, under the slogan: “Peace = Future”.

            Think of it:  the world at peace.  Then don't just think - act toward that goal.  If we all did that, perhaps the things we believe are differences beyond bridging will be reimagined as footbridges to walk across together.