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March 2010: Welcome Spring!

Phew!   What a winter from which we all have been seeking to recover!  March with its cleansing winds is upon us. 
            And while we think we’ve been like Rip Van Winkle all winter, most adults among us get by on much too little sleep.  While it has just been determined that younger people need quality sleep as well as quantity, for older adults, what seems to matter is just quantity of hours.  Log onto for more information about sleep during National Sleep Awareness Week (7-13 March 2010).
            March is a month of many key awarenesses this year.  On March 10th, get involved in National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day ( ).  Especially in certain ethnic, cultural or racial groups, women tend to be victims of HIV when they are not IV drug users or in other obvious risk categories.
            Think about what makes the start of a good day:  a good breakfast!  Ensure that the children in your life get this and not just during National School Breakfast Week (8-12 March).  Go to for more information.
            Finally, we all like to believe we each have a functioning brain – and we usually do!  But what if something were to occur that would injure your brain?  Or a loved one’s?  Noted below in this paragraph is a website dedicated to all things brainy – research and more.  Many science and childrens museums also focus on the brain.  Spend time with your family engaging in activities that help you maintain brain health – such as music, art, reading, and body/mind engaging (yes, even a Wii computer game can do that for you – such as Wii tennis, bowling, golf, and more).   Go to this site for the beginning of your brain adventure: .

            Let March come in like a lion and blow those brain-cobwebs away!