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June 2010: Bustin' out all over!

           June is a wonderful month!  Children are ready for the summer with the school year ending.  Sports and the outdoors beckon!

            Thus, we ought to be aware of concerns about the outdoors and activities.  Why not celebrate National Safety Month with the National Safety Council?  Go to  and see what you can do about safety in your and your coworkers', community's and family's lives.

            June 1st and June 13th are all about the children this year.  The 1st is Stand for Children Day and the 13th is National Children's Day.   and  will provide you with key information.

            June is bursting with weather!  And with the great weather, we want to spend more time outside.  Please remember that the most common cancer now is not lung, breast or prostate but SKIN CANCER.  While some cases are slow-moving and easy to stop (basal cell), others are devastating and even deadly (malignant melanoma).  It does NOT matter if you are dark-skinned.  You, too, are at risk.  Please use sunscreen even on cloudy days when outdoors.

            Finally, June 14th - Flag Day! - is also World Blood Donor Day. 

            Imagine if you have a need for blood because of accident or injury or even elective surgery and you have not self-donated ahead of time.  Imagine there not being enough blood of your particular blood type in the hospital in which you are receiving care. 

            PLEASE be a blood donor - rare blood type or not.  Most people can donate, although you will be asked personal questions such as if you are underweight, taking certain medications or have been exposed to disease such as TB or are HIV positive.

            Be active in the month of June because you've learned about healthy activities and now can join with family, friends and coworkers in enjoying them together!