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July 2010: Celebrate Summer!

            July is not just about fireworks and celebrating our nation's birth.  It is also about the outdoors. 

            With what has occurred recently in the Gulf of Mexico with the offshore drilling incident, we are all acutely aware of what oil spills are doing to our planet.  July 1st through 7th this year is Clean Beaches Week.  Log onto to find out how you can keep our shores in the Northeast clean and a healthy place to enjoy our environment.

            Did you know that even on a cloudy day you can get a sunburn or damage your eyes from UV light?  This month is UV Safety Month.  The website  can tell you more.

            Finally, July 18th to the 24th is Everybody Deserves a Massage Week!!!  The association of bodywork and massage therapists -  - can provide you with more information.  Massage has been found to help premature infants through the elderly in gaining wellness.  Human touch is remarkably simple yet in trained hands also very healing for musculoskeletal issues as well as mental ones.  If you have never had a massage, and you can relax into one, it can be so very wonderful for body and mind.

            Please be safe on the Fourth and throughout July.  Look to our fellow earthly inhabitants - birds, fish, mammals and other creatures - as they join us in enjoying summer.  We have just the one planet and lately it has become more precious; let's take care of it as we take care of ourselves!