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January 2010: Happy New Decade!

I                       Oh, yes.  It really is.  It REALLY is another year - a decade completed in the 21st Century.  It is now the year 2010.


            Are we setting ourselves up for a big fall by claiming all those New Year resolutions we'll aim to achieve?

            No more!

            This month let's just do the right thing.  Let's just aim for health, not for unhealthy dieting.  Let's just aim for smart movement, not for overly regimented exercise programs.  How do we do this?

            First, see a nutritionist/dietitian or at least your regular care provider!  They can start you with a set of great and easy menus so you can help yourself even with cash restrictions.  You don't need to spend alot on weight loss in order to achieve it.  But it does require more than just menu choices.  If you want, go to for healthy menu options and other tips. It has a Food and Fitness Planner, a Diet Evaluator, a BMI Calculator and can do a Vitamins Health Check.

            Second, you need to find TIME during your day to exercise.  Time as well as one or two things you will be able to tolerate or can enjoy would be key to helping lose and then maintain lost weight.  For example, why would you sign up at a gym for pilates if that is not your thing?  If you would do better with a rigorous walking regimen, that is how you will lose the weight.  Not every option requires alot of money.

            January 17-23 is Healthy Weight Week this year.  Go to for more information.

            This month is also National Blood Donor Month.  Give a pint, especially if you know you have a rare blood type.  It can save lives - and make you feel like a hero!

            Happiest and healthiest of new years to all!