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September 2009: Fall in!

            “Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!”  (paraphrasing that ‘special’ advertisement on television regarding children going back to school to the absolute delight of harried-by-an-entire-summer parents!).

            Yes, children are headed to school and the roads and trains and buses are crowded again with teachers and students and others who may have taken time away from commuting for the summer.

            That’s why September is National Family and Work Month.  It’s also Baby Safety Awareness Month.    Week one – 01-07 September 2009 – is National Childhood Injury Prevention Week.  That includes ALL kinds of injuries, from sports or infant toys or riding in vehicles.  To learn more, log onto or or

            We in New York City most keenly remain aware of September 11th as a date to contemplate.  But this year it is also World Suicide Prevention Day.  Perhaps we live with or care about someone struggling on a daily basis.  Please reach out to them today, tomorrow or the next day.  There are many resources here at Downstate and elsewhere.

            How do we feel about aging?  How about the term, “active aging”?  September 21-27 is Active Aging Week ( ) .  What does that mean to us?  Active aging can stave off much disease, both physical and mental, by ensuring we keep fit and find interesting hobbies and pasttimes – even education or new careers – as we age.  Do you believe that 50 is the new 40?  Some of us really do!  We can only “be 40” at 50 if we take care of our nutrition, heart health and social lives – all of which can ensure a long, healthy, happy life.

            Finally, let’s celebrate all the women of Downstate – and all the women we know and love! – on September 30th.  It’s National Women’s Health and Fitness Day!  For more information, visit or see A Health Downstate staff here on campus (Rose Jackman) for ways you can celebrate women, health and being fit!

            September is a month for action!