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October 2009: It's getting colder!

          October is here!  This is an invigorating month traditionally of pumpkins and harvests and crisp days and eves.

            It is also a month chock full of health and wellness observances. 

            Let’s take a moment to recognize all the LPNs we know and care about who work in the health care field, without whom patients would not be able to have attended to some of their most basic, important needs.  You can do this the week of October 5th through 11th.

            October 19th – 25th this year is dedicated to early childhood (K-6) health education.  What can be more key to healthy lives for future generations?  October is also Children’s Health Month.  Let’s ensure our children receive the best nutrition (12-16 October is National School Lunch Week) becaue that not only keeps them fit but gives them the brain heath they need to learn every day while in school.  October 5th is Child Health Day so check or  for more information.

            Ladies!  October 16th, the third Friday, is National Mammography Day!  Yes, we know that it is slighly uncomfortable.  But for a few minutes discomfort you get the peace of mind regarding breast health.  Men who have a family history of either sex with breast cancer should be sure to be checked regularly, as men can also get breast cancer.

            Finally, we tend to forget – even with Halloween bringing us plenty of sweets! – about dental issues during crispy, apple-eating, sweater-wearing weather.  But October is National Dental Hygiene Month ( ).  What better way to ensure as we age that we will still enjoy good food and conversation than to take care of our teeth and gums now?  If you smoke, stop!  If you grind or clench your teeth at night, seek a dentist’s help.  And use a flouride toothpaste or rinse and floss every day.  Simple but effective preventive care keeps us all in the best shape for whatever the future could bring past this wonderful autumn month of October!