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November 2009: Time to be Thankful

              Of course I’ll have some of that pumpkin pie!

            And what about the delicious cornbread stuffing!

            Yes, I’ll have more mashed potatoes!  Give me some ice cream atop that pie!

           Well…. We all will be tempted.  But if you have diabetes, an increasing problem in this great nation of ours, you won’t want to be overeating or overdoing the carbohydrates.  This month is American Diabetes Month.  Please check for more information.

            Another important thing that we can remember annually around Turkey Day is the Great American Smoke Out. – always the Thursday immediately before Thanksgiving.  This year that means the 19th of November.  Check out for more great information about stopping tobacco use.

            The entire month also brings us to acknowledge Home Care and Hospice – both are National Month celebrations.  We all know among us because of our affiliation with a health care institution those wonderful caregivers – professional or family – who give solace to those who are homebound and/or terminally ill.  Think of them this month and bring them something to show you know what wonders they perform each day.

            Finally, on Thanksgiving, let us give our thanks for one another and our families.  That day the US Surgeon General encourages us to participate in National Family Health History Day.  Seek out and join him in his mission after you have all gathered together for blessings among you.  What better time to show we care for each other!